Chinese Prostitution and You

Finding a prostitute in china is very easy.

A Chinese prostitute caught by police with two clients.

When you’re in a Chinese city, one thing you will notice fairly quickly are the small massage parlours and barber shops with pink lights and bored looking women in tight and easily removed clothing on a lot of the side streets, and sometimes on the main roads. You’ll also see KTV’s, VIP massage services and sauna’s with pictures of sexy ladies on the outside and in the small lobby, which only seem to have male customers.

Prostitution in China
Prostitution is rampant in China, and it’s hard to avoid. My wife and I were staying in a hotel, and my wife got a call on the hotel phone at 3am, offering her a massage followed by sex. My wife laughed loud enough to wake me up, and told the prostitute to go away.
I would personally advise against using a prostitute, since China has a large problem with sexual diseases,particularly Hepatitis B and C, as well as an AIDS epidemic. It’s also very easy to get a girlfriend if you have any sort of social skills.
But if you do decide to hire a prostitute, be discrete.
Getting a Prostitute? Keep it Secret
Some articles I’ve read online have said that if anyone, especially an English teacher, uses a Chinese

Chinese brothels

Prostitution in China is illegal, so if you go to a brothel, you could be arrested.

prostitute, it will mark them as a bad person, and a stereotypical Westerner who only wants China’s women. Maybe this occurs in the smaller cities, but personally and amongst the people I’ve talked to, it generally isn’t a problem as long as its not too obvious.

When I lived on my school’s campus, the security guards would force all visitors to sign in, and generally insisted that all guests leave at a certain time. This would make bringing a prostitute home for the night, difficult and embarrassing. But across the street, there were about 6 brothels, and a number of’ massage’ parlours, where Chinese businessmen and teachers went in and out of all day, for in-store services.
The few English teachers I knew from other schools that admitted to hiring prostitutes, never had any problems with their schools, so long as they weren’t seen by students. In fact some Chinese teachers seem to almost expect Western teachers will do it, and don’t complain.
At the very first school I worked at, a summer camp run by the government, another male colleague and I went up to our female contact and asked where we could get a Chinese massage (nonsexual).
The woman looked embarrassed, but said she could show us where to go, but we’d have to hire the girls ourselves. As soon as we realized what she thought, we quickly explained she had the wrong idea.
Perks of Doing Business
Gettng a prostitute.

A typical group of Chinese prostitutes waiting for work. Note the bored expressions.

With foreign businessmen, there is less concern about prostitution. Some Chinese partners will even invite their Western guests to KTV’s and nightclubs where prostitution not only occurs, but is one of the attractions. What you do there is up to you.

So when you’re in China, especially one of the first or second tier cities, expect prostitution. If you choose to participate, keep it discrete, especially if you’re a foreign teacher.
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